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Content determination of engineering plastics in Qingshan District

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2023/02/16 20:53

Density, water absorption, molding shrinkage, tensile strength, tensile strength, tensile modulus, bending strength, bending modulus, bond strength, shear strength, elongation at break, Rockwell hardness, friction coefficient, fatigue strength, thermal deformation temperature, long-term ambient temperature, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, surface resistivity, relative dielectric constant, dielectric loss Angle tangent value, volume resistance Rate, etc. POM engineering project plastics, enhanced POM plastics, high wetting POM plastics, etc. GB/T 22271.1-2021 Plastic polyformaldehyde (POM) molding and extrusion materials *1 Part: naming system software and classification basic GB/T 27553.2-2011 Plastic-brass-steel back three-layer composite self-lubricating bearing plate technical standard. With modified material polyformaldehyde (POM) wear reduction laminate GB/T 22271.2-2008 plastic polyformaldehyde (POM) molding and flame retardant plastic materials *2 Part: sample preparation and properties measurement GB/T 22271.3-2016 plastic polyformaldehyde (POM) molding and flame retardant plastic materials * Part 3: General Product Specification ASTM D6100-17 Technical Standard for Extrusion Molding Vacuum Molding and Injection Vacuum Molding Para-formaldehyde Aluminum Profiles (POM) ASTM D6778-12 Standard Classification System and Basic FORD for Formalization of para-formaldehyde Molding and Extrusion Molding Materials (POM WSB-M4D882-A1-2011 10% glass fiber lifting molding material formate aldehyde (POM) polymer FORD WSB-M4D912-A-2006 15% polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and organosilicone modified acetal prepolymer (POM) homopolymer forming material FORD WSK-M4D839-A-2006 vehicle external acetal polymer (POM) elastomer material modification material forming material

Relative density, strength, water content, content, molecular weight distribution index value, qualitative and quantitative analysis of principal components, qualitative and quantitative analysis of whole components, material consistency check, chemical evaluation, dirty matter analysis, failure description, glass fiber content, ash content, xylene soluble matter content, biobased synthetic polymer content, etc. Food grade plastic plastic materials, industrial production plastics, engineering project plastics, vacuum forming plastics, pressed plastics, injection plastics, injection plastics, extrusion plastics, casting plastics, reflect injected plastics, high pressure polyethylene plastics, polyacrylic plastics, polysulfone plastics, phenolic resin plastics, epoxy resin plastics, polyurethane materials Material plastic, etc. GB/T Plastic Liquid food packaging bag Injection molded Polyacrylic ware GB/T 41003.2-2021 Plastic Foam Pad General technical Standard *2 Part: Polyethylene Foam pad for room GB/T 41003.1-2021 Plastic Foam pad General Technical standard *1 Part: High pressure polyethylene/butadiene - vinyl acetate polymer children's foam pad GB/T plastic poly (propylene) in the determination of xylene soluble content GB/T food packaging materials with composite plastic cover film GB/T food packaging materials with plastic and aluminum platinum steaming composite bag, bag GB/T 40006.9-2021 plastic reconstituted plastics *9 Part: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material GB/T 40006.7-2021 Plastics Reconstituted plastics *7 Part: Polycarbonate (PC) material GB/T 39715.2-2021 Plastics Biobase content *2 Part: Detection of biobased carbon content GB/T 39715.1-2021 Plastic Biobased content *1 Part: universal standard GB/T 39715.3-2021 Plastic Biobased content *3 Part: Measurement of the content of biobased synthetic polymers GB/T 40006.3-2021 plastics Reconstituted plastics *3 Part: Polypropylene (PP) material GB/T 40006.2-2021 plastics reconstituted plastics *2 Part: high-pressure polyethylene (PE) material

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