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Application and properties of engineering plastic alloys MGE

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2023/02/16 20:53

Block engineering plastic aluminum alloy application field: 1. Generally used for all kinds of gate main and reverse sliding block; 2. All kinds of hydraulic gate repair main and reverse sliding blocks; 3. Waterproof sliding block of plane gate; 4. Moving and rolling sliders of the largest and oversized lifting objects; 5. Sliding support sliders for large and medium-sized hulls or steel bodies of tens of thousands of tons; 6. Slightly shifted support pads for shipping containers; 7. Rolling support of dock wall car and crane track chassis; 8. Guide cable double warping plate and galvanized steel wire rope cushion plate, etc. At present, GE board is mainly used in large and medium-sized sliding and sliding engineering projects. This kind of engineering adopts the method of surface contact. MGE board can ensure the relative reduction of the contact gas pressure between the sliding surface and the slide rail, which improves the stability of the construction of sliding engineering. Sliding surface friction resistance is too small will also lead to the * push you cylinder specification is too large, rail fixed compressive strength, resulting in production and manufacturing consumption, indoor space consumption and resource waste, because MGE plate friction resistance is the key to large and medium-sized * push engineering project material selection. The use of MGE engineering plastic alloy plate: 1.MGE plate bubble glass: the key application in the industrial and mining enterprises with relatively small bond strength, generally within 10Mpa. 2.MGE board oil storage hole: in order to achieve the best long-term balance wetting effect, specially set oil storage hole, generally bond strength is 20-30Mpa. 3.MGE board oil storage hole and oil storage tank and use: generally use 40-50Mpa above, the best way to achieve long-term balance wetting effect, especially the application of oil storage hole and oil storage tank and use. Characteristics of MGE engineering plastic alloy plate: because it has very good toughness and impact resistance, it can well remove all kinds of injuries caused by high pressure caused by uneven rail, so it is very suitable for hydraulic engineering, highway and bridge, shipbuilding industry and other fields of lifting object movement. MGE engineering plastic alloy plate life: many beam will pay more attention to this situation, MGE engineering plastic alloy plate in accordance with the actual industrial and mining enterprises can be repeated application, and the number of repeated use is determined by the position of the slide and the bond strength of the plate on its surface. In fact, the longer the distance between the runs, the less useful life, the reverse; The larger the load, the less time the MGE engineering plastic alloy plate will last, and vice versa. This is a lot of construction experience to exchange out, only for reference. The above is a small series for you to introduce the specific content of engineering plastic aluminum alloy MGE application and characteristics, for this matter, what do you not understand, warmly welcome to consult everyone's website, there will be professional and technical personnel to interpret for you.

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