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Several functions of modified engineering plastics

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2023/03/13 23:10

With the continuous progress of modified material technology, excellent performance, new multi-functional modified engineering plastics slowly replace general plastics and other materials, widely used in electrical products, office supplies, automobiles, machinery and chemical plants and other fields. Here are several types of multifunctional modified engineering plastics introduced in detail. Wear-resistant modified engineering plastics can provide relatively low friction resistance and reduce the amount of wear. For example, the outer cover of the blood glucose instrument can increase the service life of its round-trip opening and closing after choosing wear-resistant material. At the same time, abrasion resistant modified engineering plastics are also used in color goods, and even different materials. In commodities, such as needles and tool heads, also benefit from the lubrication of materials. Other wear-resistant materials include urinals, waterproof sleeves, transmission devices and vacuum solenoid valves. Other practical effects include the reduction of noise due to the fitness movement of the smooth parts, the improvement of plastic processing and production performance, and the efficiency of molding. Polyester chip wear resistance, creep resistance, solvent corrosion resistance, high hardness. Wear resistant polyester slicing products are widely used in automobile, electronic, electrical, home appliances and other industries. Conductive modified engineering plastics When the thermosetting plastic materials add conductive components, with electrostatic induction fading (ESD), avoid electrostatic accumulation, play a protective role. Conductive thermosetting plastic materials allow continuous release of electrostatic induction, rather than rapid accumulation of release. Electrostatic induction can damage sensitive electronic components and cause explosions in combustible environments. The accumulation of electrostatic induction will hinder the material transfer, eventually breaking mechanical transfer. Conductive thermosetting plastic materials can be widely used in color products, some conductive materials are transparent color. Spraying free modified engineering plastics Spraying free plastics to add unique pearlite powder or metal pigment in special epoxy resin, coupled with unique phase-soluble technology to achieve modified materials, immediate injection molding can achieve a variety of matte, colorful or metal appearance actual effect, successful treatment of bright color actual effect over the years, It has been a big problem of welding or air marks in injection molding parts to meet the market prospects of colorful lines and green environmental protection. According to the provision of personalized, customized appearance color matching, consumers can get beautiful visual enjoyment of green environmental protection. Compared with traditional spraying plastic, no spray plastic molding, without spraying can get beautiful and generous appearance. They are greener, more environmentally friendly, less costly, more haphazard, and less difficult to process. Carbon fiber modified engineering plastics to strengthen as the leading, to carbon fiber material or carbon fiber fabric as the reinforcement, PA/PC/ABS/P/PPO as the base material formed by composite materials. Widely used in automobile production and manufacturing, electronic appliances, electrical products, fitness equipment and other need high toughness, high toughness, low proportion, anti-static, wear resistance and other industries, including: automobile functional parts, copier, counterfeit detector, electronic device tray, weaving machine line shuttle. Light diffusion modified engineering plastic light diffusion materials generally by adding light diffusion agent in the transparent resin to achieve the actual effect of soft light lamp. The photodiffused material consists of photodiffused PC and photodiffused PMMA. The material has high transmittance, high transmittance, good aging resistance and other characteristics, widely used in LED, electronic, electrical, home appliances and other industries. Magnetic modified engineering plastics compound magnetic plastic is the plastic with magnetic particle detection

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