Talent recruitment

First, salesman

Job Description:

1. Not limited to men and women, regular facial features, standard Mandarin, strong expression ability, with a certain affinity

2. Cheerful personality, quick response, strong sense of service, relevant work experience is preferred.

3. Like service work, proactive, able to work under pressure and dare to challenge for high salary

4. Full of pioneering spirit and good sense of teamwork, enthusiasm, dedication, good psychological quality, strong ability to work under pressure.


Two, computer drawing specialist

Job Description:

Responsible for CAD computer drawing in processing department. Familiar with the application and operation of computer software.



Three. Sales representatives

Job Description:

Job Requirements:

Male and female, over 18-25 years old, love the job.

Obey the company to allocate the position and work location.

Obey the leadership of the department head and complete the tasks to be done.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Accept customer consultation, understand customer needs and achieve sales

2. Responsible for good sales records, inventory, account checking, etc

3. Cooperate with the business to complete the delivery, collection and receipt of orders



Iv. Purchasing Assistant

Job Description:

High school degree or above, 18 years old, cheerful and mature, obedient to work arrangements, have strong communication skills and service awareness.

Interview address: Xionghua Building, No. 323, Shu 'an Road, Shutian Industrial Zone, Humen Town, Dongguan City

The phone number is 0769-3335-7302

Contact person: Mr. Wang