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Why can reinforced Nylon 6 be used as engineering plastics

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2023/02/16 20:52

Improve the material properties of nylon 6 why can be used as rubber products to improve nylon 6 for milk white transparent to opaque cuticle crystalline polymer, ductibility, ** * ability, good self-lubricating, small stiffness, low temperature resistance, slow burning, dark fire slow out, drip, bubble condition, forming process performance is good: Can be injection molding, injection molding, pouring plastic, spray paint, powder forming, mechanical processing, adhesion. Let's take a look at its nylon material performance characteristics: 1. High impact toughness, good flexibility, high compressive strength, tensile strength. The compressive strength is close to the tensile strength, more than twice as high as ABS. Strong absorption of impact, ground stress and vibration, impact strength is much higher than the general plastic, and better than acetal resin. 2. Excellent fatigue resistance, improve nylon 6 after repeated bending can still maintain the original impact toughness. PA is often used in places with obvious regular fatigue effect such as escalator guardrail and plastic bicycle wheel hub. 3. Smooth surface, small friction resistance, **. Prefabricated mechanical equipment for theme activities will be self-lubricating, low noise, in the role of friction is not too high, can be applied without lubricating oil; If it is necessary to use lubricant to relieve friction or to assist in heat removal, water and oil, oil, etc., can be selected. 4. Nylon material corrosion resistance, very alkaline and most salt liquid resistance, but also weak acid, automobile oil, diesel and other organic solvents, plasticity of ester compounds, can be used as grease, natural materials and other packaging products. 5. It is plastic to biological erosion, and has good bacteriostasis and mildew resistance. 6. High temperature resistance, wide ambient temperature. 7. Good electrical equipment performance. In dry environment, can be used as DC insulating layer material, even in wet conditions still has strong insulation. 8. Nylon material products lighter weight, easy to color, easy to form. Because of the relatively low melting viscosity, can maximize the flow. Easy to fill the mold, high freezing point after filling the mold, can be perfect setting, so the molding, production and manufacturing. In addition, there are many kinds of improved nylon material properties, such as improved nylon, aromatic nylon, transparent nylon, high tear resistance (* tough) nylon, modified nylon, conductive nylon, flame-retardant nylon, nylon and other polymer blends and metals, to meet different special requirements, widely used as metal materials, wood and other traditional technology substitutes, As a variety of structural materials. Hengshui City you 29 years focus on nylon material performance, nylon material, improve nylon 6, no drying treatment application. Hengshui city friends, service support, send to the door, listed enterprises,**, customized a special nylon modified engineering plastics.

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