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Btu POM board

We mainly produce processing and agent engineering plastics, insulating materials, screen printing plastic sheet three categories. The product range includes: PP, PC, PE, PA, PVC, POM, ABS, APET, HIPS, PMMA, PTFE and other plate rod tube and film; Phenolic board, phenolic cloth board rod, cold drawing board, FR-4, G10, G11, epoxy board rod tube, synthetic stone, SMC and other insulating board tube series.


Engineering plastics

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Product description


Polyformaldehyde (POM)

Performance purpose:

Polyformaldehyde POM is a general thermoplastic engineering plastic, with excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, wear resistance, good dimensional stability, chemical corrosion resistance, especially outstanding fatigue resistance, is an ideal engineering plastic to replace metals, especially copper, aluminum, zinc and other non-ferrous metals and alloy products. According to the excellent performance of POM, the products are widely used in textile machinery, plastics, food, electronics, electrical, automobile, light industry, chemical industry, construction and other fields.

Existing specifications:

Plate: 610*1000mm/600*1200mm/1000*1000mm, etc

Bar: φ3.0-200mm*1 m long

Plate thickness: 8.0-60mm

Color: White, black


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Btu POM board



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