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Btu PP-ABA plate

We mainly produce processing and agent engineering plastics, insulating materials, screen printing plastic sheet three categories. The product range includes: PP, PC, PE, PA, PVC, POM, ABS, APET, HIPS, PMMA, PTFE and other plate rod tube and film; Phenolic board, phenolic cloth board rod, cold drawing board, FR-4, G10, G11, epoxy board rod tube, synthetic stone, SMC and other insulating board tube series.


Engineering plastics

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Polypropylene extrusion plate (PP plate) class

Synthesis: From polypropylene resin by integral extrusion molding method.

Performance: Acid, alkali, corrosion, non-toxic, tasteless, good physical and mechanical properties.

Appearance: plate surface smooth and flat, no cracks, cracks, bubbles.

Uses: acid and alkali resistant industry, food packaging, chemical container lining and water treatment device.


Common size: 1220*2440, 1000*2000, 1300*2000, 1500*3000mm

Color: White, beige gray (grass green)

Thickness: 2.0-100mm

Specific gravity: 0.90-0.93


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Btu PP-ABA plate



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