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3A organic plate

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Product description


Plexiglass (acrylic) sheet

Brand introduction: "JFA" cast organic board

Molding: acrylic plate is methyl methacrylate polymerization, according to the production molding process of casting plate and extrusion plate.

Characteristics: clean and transparent, glossy surface, good mechanical processing, insulation properties, is the most easy to process thermoplastic material, good processing performance, good weather resistance.

Existing specifications: 1220* 2440,1200 *1830mm

1260 x 2140,1000 x 2000mm

Thickness: 2.0-40mm

Density :1.19-1.22


Building materials industry: sanitary ware, doors and Windows, partitions, carving board, decoration board, etc

Lighting industry: all kinds of lighting boxes and accessories, switchboard, electrical parts

Transportation industry: aircraft, ships, cars and other wind doors and Windows

Advertising industry: advertising tower, advertising board, signs, signs, street signs


Other industries: Gift mouth, jewelry, industrial products, medical, optical, art decoration

Note on the use of acrylic:

For crack damage: because the surface hardness is equivalent to aluminum, it should pay attention to the surface protection when taking, if the damage situation, with yellow aluminum grinding agent polishing that restore the original beautiful surface.

For wiping: because of the surface to dry cloth friction is electric phenomenon, so in case of dust on the surface, with 1% strong soapy water with soft cloth light wash.

For temperature: the sheet is softened when heated or heated to more than 100℃, and should be avoided in places above 100℃.

For thermal expansion: the coefficient of thermal expansion is large, and the degree of expansion is about nine times that of metal. When the device or fixed, the temperature change should be considered to leave room for expansion.

Plexiglass (acrylic) tube/rod


1. Interior and exterior decoration

2, car light cover, vehicle supplies

3, bright engineering

4, lighting appliances, advertising signs


5. Stage design and window display

6, photo frame stationery, family accessories

7. Instruments and meters

8. Chemical enterprises

9. Other uses

Size of organic tube: Outer diameter φ10-1000mm, length color can be customized.


Size of organic bar: Outer diameter φ6.0-200mm


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3A organic plate



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