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Joint venture organic plate
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产品名称: Joint venture organic plate

Plexiglass (acrylic) joint ventu


Plexiglass (acrylic) board

Brand introduction: "JFA" cast organic board

Molding: Acrylic sheet is made by polymerization of methyl methacrylate, which is divided into cast sheet and extruded sheet according to the production molding process.

Features: smooth and transparent, surface gloss, good mechanical processing, insulation properties, it is the easiest thermoplastic material to process, good processing performance, good weather resistance.

Existing specifications: 1220*2440, 1200*1830mm

1260*2140, 1000*2000mm

Thickness: 2.0-40mm

Density: 1.19-1.22


Building materials industry: sanitary ware, doors and windows, partitions, engraving boards, decoration boards, etc.


Lighting industry: all kinds of lighting boxes and accessories, switchboards, electrical parts

Transportation industry: windshield doors and windows of airplanes, ships, automobiles, etc.

Advertising industry: advertising towers, advertising boards, signs, signs, street signs

Other industries: courtesy, jewelry, industrial products, medical, optics, art decoration

Precautions for the use of acrylic:

For cracks: because the surface hardness is equivalent to aluminum, you should pay attention to the surface protection when picking and placing it. If you encounter damage, polish with the abrasive for yellow aluminum to restore the original beautiful surface.

For wiping: because the surface is rubbed with a dry cloth, there will be electricity, so when the surface is dusty, lightly wash it with 1% thick soapy water and a soft cloth.

Regarding temperature: the thin plate has the characteristic of softening when it is heated or heated to above 100℃, so it should be avoided to use it above 100℃.

Regarding thermal expansion: the coefficient of thermal expansion is large, and the degree of expansion is about nine times that of metals. When installing or fixing, consider leaving room for expansion and contraction for temperature changes.


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