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Company culture
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Business philosophy: what we do is always facing tomorrow

Business model: integrated professional agency of industry and trade, chain operation, warehousing and distribution, direct sales at factory price

Quality policy: To provide customers with high-quality and valued products, sincere and enthusiastic and efficient services, and to meet customer needs is our eternal purpose.

Quality target: On-time delivery rate is higher than 99%, achieving customer quality and service "0" complaints

Guide consumption: the price of genuine products is not expensive and the high-quality value is higher

Low price promise: wholesale factory price, making your cost very competitive

Quality Assurance: Controlled in the implementation of our ISO quality system

Service always: sample quotation and delivery according to order, be your trusted supplier

Business scope: engineering plastics-PP, PE, PS, PA, POM, PVC, ABS, HIPS, APET, F4/Teflon, PMMA/acrylic/plexiglass plates, rods, tubes, etc.

Insulation materials-orange/black bakelite, cold punched board, phenolic paperboard, cloth board, cloth rod, epoxy board, FR-4/G10/G11 glass fiber board, synthetic stone, SMC, PB/Quab insulation paper , Composite paper, green shell paper, mica board, etc.

Silk screen, plastic film-PP, PC, PVC film, etc.


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